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Alliance for Our Healthy Community

A dba of the Long Beach AIDS Foundation, Inc.

Federal Nonprofit Tax ID # 73-1725472

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Since 1989, the volunteers of this organization and all it’s previous incarnations, have been compassionately assisting those most affected by HIV & AIDS.

It is what we do.

Nothing else matters when

someone in need calls for help.

Alliance for Our Healthy Community is a dba of

The Long Beach AIDS Foundation.

Our Values

Mike & Paula

Homeless Assistance

AIDS / Cancer Life Emergency Fund

Our Community

The Alliance for Our Healthy Community, formerly the Long Beach AIDS Foundation changed it’s operating dba name to reflect the changes happening in healthcare and prevention of HIV with an additional focus on other sexually transmitted diseases and cancer-allied illnesses.

The core values of the organization still reflect the values held in community.  These values held by AHC reflect compassion, education, innovation, integrity and building community.

The Alliance for Our Healthy Community is a volunteer-based public charitable trust with a commitment to put those affected by HIV/AIDS and other allied illnesses, first.  Core volunteers are also HIV+ and share in the empathy and needs of those seeking case management and access to services.

The Alliance for Our Healthy Community mission is to be the recognized leader in compassionate, innovative and healthy solutions to HIV, HPV and STDs.

The rising bodies in our new logo, represents our commitment in helping each person to get back on their feet, in each of our core focus areas, HIV/AIDS, HPV/STDs and HIV-allied Cancers.  

Please visit our Program & Services page to see the core programs AHC is committed to helping those in need.

AHC serves as a gateway to other resources in Southern California, including all of Los Angeles County and Orange County.  AHC is working with many new collaborating service partners to create a network of access partners to meet the needs and challenges of each client.

The Alliance for Our Healthy Community believes in transparency and accountability to our community and supporting contributors. AHC is a participating member of GUIDESTAR in providing financial, governance and policy documents for public review.

Our Mission